User Testing Guide

User Testing Guide


User testing helps you save two of the most valuable assets within your company, which are time and money. Both quantitative and qualitative feedback from the testers help identify 10-40 issues that your product or service might have before launch.

50% increase in conversion when adhered to UX testing before launch



Understanding product service

All aspects of the product with relevance to understanding the user experience will be studied in order to gauge the features or USP’s of the product/service.

Evaluating the target Market

The market will studied in order to identify the best time to market as well as placement of the product. This stage will also identify the level of digitalisation needed in accordance to the behaviour of the market.

Creating User personas

When above two steps are complete, Ideal customer personas will be created in order to finalise the user group that is most likely to use the product/service.


Above three steps helps us identify whether your prototype is market-ready! This helps our clients identify challenges or issues that may hinder their growth


Monitoring User Behavior

Once Identification phase is completed and the user group is selected, we will be monitoring their usage and their behaviour within the application in order to determine pain points where they would take a more than average time period to complete functions and tasks

Gathering User Feedback

We will be creating a custom questionnaire that factors in the user personas in order to increase the level of relevance of all questions. The questionnaire will allow us to gather quantifiable feedback that could be used to improve the user experience.


Both methods help us obtain feedback according to conscious and unconscious actions taken by the user that provides a more wholesome picture of the user experience journey.


Unbiased Feedback

The feedback gathered from all users by monitoring their behaviour as well as the questionnaire will be collated together in order to create a report that highlight the pain points.


Based on the statistics driven by studying the behaviour of the testers and feedback, we will highlight prioritised list of recommendation that will help elevate the usability of the applcation.

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